HATO is a MedTech start up founded by Steffen Yndal. Steffen has for the past 7 years worked as an paramedic, and has experienced significant shortcomings in the study of patients with heart problems. 


The current ECG analysis is presented on a piece of paper with a lot of lines, and requires deep insight and many years of experience to be able to interpret. Steffen learned that a large part of the healthcare staff, including doctors, nurses and paramedics, cannot interpret an ECG to the extent that the patient needs it. At the same time, a lot of data is lost for lack of communication and transparency. The process is time consuming, has poor sharing capabilities and limited data entry. 


At HATO, we raise the bar for ECG analysis and turn all healthcare professionals into experts, by transforming existing data into an easy-to-understand visualization, in order to save more lives.


Steffen Yndal

Founder & CEO

Malthe Reipurth

Head of Technology

Mostafa Mansour

Technology Consultant

Stefan Johansen

Technology Director

Anne Sophie Bøgh Malling

Head of Research and Development

Sneha Tambe

Health Economics and Compliance

Lisbeth Christensen

Compliance Director

Michelle Thaisen

Business Developer

Yelizaveta Babenko

Business Developer