Cloud enabled

We store all data in the cloud so you are able to see previous recordings and scroll through previously stored data - smart and easy

AI Powered

We use next-generation artificial intelligence to understand, analyze and interpret ECGs to provide the best level of diagnostic support

Automated analysis

Our analysis is continuously improved by cardiologists which provides healthcare professionals with cardiologist-level analysis

Welcome to The Next Generation ECG Analysis

HATO's software solution strongly establish itself in the field of innovative ECG analysis with its 3D heart model. The visual tool is a first in the industry, showing a real-time view of the patient's heart to assist healthcare professional locate abnormalities and react quickly in case of critical situations. Innovative and easy.

Our innovative 3D smartheart enables health professionals to make decisions faster, better and with a higher accuracy than any comparable instruments. In addition, our state-of-the-art algorithms support the entire decision process ensuring correct diagnosis.

Meet HATO Hub

01. Real-time data

Data can be streamed in real-time or uploaded

02. 3D-visualization

Diseases is visualized on our patented HATO 3D SmartHeart

03. AI Powered

The platform is powered by our intelligent AI

04. Wireless Connectivity

Data is transmitted wirelessly to our next-generation cloud

05. Intelligent Analytics

intelligent identification of diseases, arrhythmia and infarctions in the heart

06. Regulatory COMPLIANT

We follow the highest standards of medical software

ECG analysis tools with a digital touch

The HatoHub combined with our patented 3D SmartHeart technology enables both paramedics, general practitioners and non-cardiologist with a cardiologist-grade tool for analysis and understanding of what is going on the heart when needed.

Unlike other ECG platforms, HATO combines visualization, machine learning and technical innovations to give healthcare professionals the best diagnostic support tool available.

What healthcare professionals are saying

“The product can clearly be beneficial for health care professionals, especially staff who are not cardiologists and thus do not have the same understanding of analyzing and interpreting ECG"

Henrik Steen HansenChief MD,, clinical associate professor, cardiology, Odense University Hospital

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Henry HarryClients


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